I have the best job in the world. Every day, I get to share new ideas stretching the possibilities of business development and sales while training others to produce outstanding member-centric results. My focus is simple: How to build solid relationships. How can credit unions find more ways to create and act on opportunities that make a real difference in members’ lives and in the local community. Speaking sessions are customized based on your needs and the audience.


Shake Up Your SEG Relationships

Ready to create more meaningful communication channels, build value and a true partnership with your SEG? Keeping the credit union top of mind begins with becoming relevant. The more we can learn about the SEG and their needs, the better we can deliver valuable solutions. We’ll cover how to do discovery, ask smart questions, address SEG challenges, and cultivate multiple contacts-including at the executive level. You’ll walk away with ideas to share your credit union story leading to greater exposure and membership growth.  

Rethink Lead Generation

How are we effectively generating leads at our business development activities? Learn how to make table days, sponsorships, SEG outreach, and collaboration within our communities memorable and meaningful. Creativity is a big component of getting people to engage with us. We’ll explore how to use technology to ask good questions and find out what people care about, so our conversations are about what matters most. That’s what gets us the business: Helping our members thrive.

Sales In A Thousand Small Gestures

A good sales culture helps transform our member interactions from simply transactional into meaningful conversations that add value to their lives and the communities we serve. Changing the mindset that every credit union employee is now in sales is hard. The challenge for many is that they aren’t comfortable engaging proactively beyond what is asked of them. We’ll talk about how to help your team engage, ask questions and build their confidence in deepening members relationships through sales and service. 

Business Development Plan Playbook

Ready to change up your business development activities? A successful business development plan begins with a strategic approach to SEG development, community outreach, sponsorship, networking, social selling, tracking and more. Together, we’ll go beyond the philosophical to deliver measurable, creative ideas for building a business development plan that propels growth.

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