Whether business development or sales, I believe in crafting strategic processes that have legs. How can we do one more thing to follow up, to keep creating openings that build trust and loyalty with our existing members while also getting new members in the door.


Strategic Moves

I’ll work one on one with your team to identify existing growth and business development opportunities. We’ll explore how to best leverage your current efforts while coming up with fresh ideas to create more growth channels. This is a deep dive into creating value across areas including community outreach, SEG strategy, sponsorships, retention and overall membership growth strategies. 

We’re building a business development plan that will serve as a road map to shaping a future of growth.

Developing Your Business Development Talent

How we build relationships and communicate the value of our organizations is constantly evolving. Every member of your business development team must be able to adapt and that takes practice. Whether through one-on-ones or group sessions, we’ll identify the gaps that currently exist and offer innovative training designed specifically for your needs. I believe in a hands-on approach and will often be onsite to shadow and train employees. Areas we’ll address can include prospecting, outreach skill development, cultivating relationships, lead generation, creating marketing tools to help growth, weaving technology into business development, understanding the sales funnel, social selling and much more.


Business development is a team sport and this workshop is training camp. I use my 25 years of experience within credit unions in almost every role, from the front line to branch management and leadership, to create relevant, relatable interactive training that delivers results. It starts with an online questionnaire to assess skill sets and build the day’s playbook. We’ll focus on developing tangible new skills that employees can immediately begin applying .   


The truth is: We’re all in sales now. If anything, a good sales culture helps transform our member interactions from simply transactional to meaningful conversations that add value to their lives and the communities we serve. Our comprehensive sales and service member engagement program is designed to provide employees the tools they need to build their sales confidence so they can help improve members’ financial lives and grow the bottom line.



Phenomenal service is so much more than efficiently handling member transactions. I get a thrill helping credit unions uncover all the small gestures that will make the biggest impact, so  these sessions are interactive and fun! Front line employees will learn how to identify members’ needs through natural, more meaningful conversations. We’ll cover living the brand, value proposition, building rapport, defining needs and providing solutions, and becoming a referral engine.

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